Aldi Specialbuys available from Thursday, June 23

For shoppers that are into snapping up a bargain, Thursdays and Sundays can only mean one thing – Aldi Specialbuys. The retailer’s middle aisles have built up quite a reputation over the last couple of years, with customers religiously anticipating the bi-weekly chance to get their hands on the one off-deals.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Aldi Specialbuys, it’s pretty simple, and almost too good to be true. Every Thursday and Sunday, Aldi releases a new set of products at a discounted rate for a limited amount of time only. The only catch being that once the items are gone, they’re gone for good, so you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on a deal.

Specialbuys have become somewhat notorious for their completely random product range, and it’s not unheard of for shoppers to pop in for a loaf of bread and leave with a fire pit, a new drill, and a luxury dog bed. But what items are in store now, and what can you pick up on a trip out today?

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We popped along to find out. We arrived early at our local Aldi bright and early to check out the deals. The store was fairly busy for 8 am but Aldi Specialbuys are pretty great so the hustle and bustle was understandable.

Making a beeline for the middle aisle was tough, given that Aldi often has a lot of great offers and products on sale. We started in the kids’ toy section, and while I don’t personally have any children, I thought there was a wide selection of products on offer.

Customers can pick up a toddler bouncer trampoline for £29.99, which we thought looked like hours of good fun. It even had foam handlebars for extra grip.

For those into their health and fitness, Aldi have a range of gym equipment to help you get in shape this summer. Foam rollers in a variety of colours are available from £6.99.

Or if you enjoy spending time outside, without the getting active part, you can always treat yourself to a 60 centimetre steel fire pit for £44.99 – perfect for any Other garden decor available includes a reclining sun lounger for £49.99 and a patio heater, currently at a reduced Specialbuy price of £39.99.

Other items we found in the middle aisles include a bouncy castle for £89.99, embossed glassware, which looked ideal for cocktails, for £9.99, a gas pizza oven on a reduced Specialbuy for £169.99 and a vibrating quartz face roller, to keep your skin looking fresh for £12.99.

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, you can even pick up some strawberry liquorice for 99p. We clearly couldn’t resist re-living our school days with this sweet treat so had to grab a pack before we left.

It’s easy to see why Aldi Specialbuys are so popular with shoppers, not only in Derbyshire, but across the country. If you’re looking to pick up a good deal, it’s most certainly one of the best places to go.


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