Spider Island police chase crash leads to three arrests

Three people were arrested following a police chase which ended in a crash at Derby’s Spider Island.

The Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit released images of the dramatic pursuit which took place on Thursday afternoon.

The chase started after officers located suspects in connection with catalytic converter thefts inside what appears to be a blue Mazda.

One of the suspects driving the car then failed to stop, which led to a police chase through the streets of Derby.

Officers say they had tools and a pole thrown towards their car during the chase which came to a head when the suspects and police headed towards Derby’s Spider Island on Harvey Road.

Police say the car crashed, causing extensive damage to the passenger side, and all three occupants were arrested and taken into police custody.

The tweet said: “Derby. Report of catalytic converter theft in progress. Get behind the suspect vehicle and it fails to stop.

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“Pursuit, during which a drill and pole are thrown at our car. Crashes and all three occupants arrested. Numerous cats (catalytic converters) and tools inside.”

Courtesy of Derbyshire Live – Derby News