The strange encounters of the people who police Derbyshire’s roads

Derbyshire’s police officers are always on the lookout for anyone who might be up to no good or not adhering to the law.

In one of the weirdest years imaginable, police are still vigilantly looking for potential criminals making their way in or across Derbyshire.

From drink and drug drivers and people speeding, to hardened criminals casting a cloud over our county, officers at Derbyshire Constabulary have caught numerous people who are up to no good on our roads.

And in the process they have sometimes made some utterly bizarre discoveries – some of which make you laugh and others which make you cry.

Whether it be a snake found in the wreckage of a car crash on the M1, a former undercover police car being driven the wrong way down a busy Derby road, or a £150,000 supercar with incorrect number plates, it seems there’s always something unusual going on on Derbyshire’s roads.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the most bizarre discoveries officers have made this year. Let us know you favourite in the comments below.

Courtesy of Derbyshire Live – Derby News