Heights of Abraham

Heights of Abraham

Since first opening its gates to visitors in 1780’s the Heights of Abraham has become one of the Peak District’s most popular destinations. Originally the Heights of Abraham was only accessible to visitors who could scale the steep slopes of Masson Hill. In 1984 Britain’s first alpine style cable car transport system was installed.

Rising from the valley floor, the observation cars transport you in comfort and safety and allow stunning views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding Peak District.

Two Famous Show Caverns

Guided tours take you underground through the Great Masson and Rutland Caverns

Tinker’s Shaft

For hundreds of years part of our estate on Masson Hill was a hive of industrial activity and lead mining. This created a unique landscape and habitat which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Victoria Prospect Tower

Built in 1844 to celebrate Queen Victorian’s reign and restored in 1978.
In 1844 the Victoria Prospect Tower was built to celebrate Victoria’s reign. It provided work for redundant lead miners whose activities on the hillside had been restricted when the estate had become a ‘Pleasure Ground’.

Heritage Estate & Walks

The woodland paths around the estate provide an opportunity to explore the original routes visitors walked when the ‘savage garden’ was first laid out.

Since 1780’s the enclosure of 30 acres on Masson Hill led to the development of what was then called a ‘savage garden’. This was a reflection of the age when Shelley, Wordsworth and other great names promoted the wonderment of nature and the beauty of the environment.

Early visitors to the developing spa town of Matlock Derby were encouraged to walk up the hill. Zig-zag paths were laid to ease the gradient leading to the Rutland Cavern and later, the Victoria Prospect Tower. All were planned to open up the spectacular vistas of the Derwent Valley below and the surrounding splendour of the Peak District.

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