Yoga Classes in Derby

Yoga originates from the Sanskrit Yuj or to Yoke meaning Union. Yoga is union of the mind, body and spirit. Hatha Yoga or the physical form of yoga uses a series of postures that leads to sense of physical and emotional well being. Yoga is much more than postural alignment and breathing.

Yoga is an ancient holistic system that balances energy within our entire being. Yoga is a science not a religion. It is a science for finding out ‘who you are’. The practice of yoga is a process of self discovery, letting go of everything that isn’t you, becoming who you are, not better but realer.Yoga is self healing for the mind and body.

Bodywise Pilates and Reflexology

Bodywise Pilates and Reflexology in Derby

Bodywise Derby - Lesley is a qualified Occupational Therapist and has a wide range of clinical experience, knowledge and skills to support her Pilates and Reflexology practise.

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Derby Pilates

Derby Pilates in Derby

Led by fully qualified Level 3 Pilates instructor Louise Oliver, we deliver Pilates instruction for both beginners and more experienced participants, bringing you all the many benefits of Pilates in a friendly environment where you can learn and exercise at your own pace.

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MindFit Yoga

MindFit Yoga in Derby

Yoga Teacher Abbie runs MindFit Yoga which offers Vinyasa Flow yoga classes in Derby, to support a healthy lifestyle for both the body and mind.

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